Top 10 Ways to Get Free Musically Fans and Likes

There is a very famous social networking app specially for video creation in 2017 - Also, it can allow you to live broadcasting or messaging. Musically App 1st version was launched in Spring 2014, and the 2nd version was released in Summer in the same year.

You are able to make video that up to 60 seconds and select free music to go along with your video through the app. It can also allow you to adjust the speed such as epic, time-lapse and slow to fast. It comes with the built in effects and filters.

Sometimes you will wonder what is "musers", they are the most popular users in Musically, and you can browse them on a certain page. You can also listen to their created music by hashtags.

There is over 200 million account on as of early 2017 and average of 16 million newly posted music and videos daily. The headquarter of musically is based on China but the main office is located in California.

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The Creation of

If you are the experienced "muser", you should know the founder of - Luyu Yang and Alex Zhu. Before they launch musically, they intended to create an mobile app to allow users to learn and teach various topics via video which is up to 5 minutes.

After 6 months they created, the first version, thanks to their investors who fund their project.

However, the first version got some problems, every app comes with many problems during the first launched.

The problem is that the app is not make enough attention to the users because the interface and function was not very useful and interesting. Some of the investors stop funding the project.

When they thought this app was a big failure, they found more investors in United State, this was the time when they shift their target audience to u.s. mobile app market.

This app targets teenage market as they think there is a huge potential. Not surprisingly, the app become one of the popular social media app in teenage's mobile phone.

The Legend of was released in summer 2014, this is the first official version in United State. In 2016, they released the 2nd social media app, during VidCon, it is a live-streaming app. Surprisingly, become the first rank on Apple Store in just several days.

Back to, this app also became no. in Apple iOS Store in 2015, it has successfully draw the attention of millions of teens.

This app becomes one of the most downloaded mobile app on the globe, especially in United State, United Kingdom, Germany and Canada. Do you know #ShareACoke campaign?

This is from the page of Coca-cola on, Coca-cola used their "User-Generated Ads" function to make their post viral.

The Features of

You can record up to 60 seconds video or various shots and paired with your favorite music or sounds.

This app allows you to enhance your video with over 16 pre-set effects and filters with the option of speed controlling. You can also reverse the stream of your video. allows you to record short video which is "live moments," basically these are GIFs that comes with sound or music. In case you don't there is an interesting features name "remuse", it can reuse sounds that made by other people, with this features you can interact with other users even more.

You should try another interesting features such as "Duet", "Ask a Question", "Best Fan Forever" etc.

There is a great features which comes with a name "," you can send pm to other users or your friends.'s design enables the popular distribution of trends all over the system.

Hashtags which are favorite on this online community generally make referrals to bits of popular culture and tendencies among the list of online world.

Due to its large utilization, a great deal of activities presented inside the app becomes viral worldwide activities, particularly among youngsters.

"Don't Judge Challenge" was probably the most significant activities brought out by, which started to be huge inside the community, as large numbers of youngsters all over the world taken part.

Famous Users and How They Get Free Musically Fans with the Secret Source offers crowns to active musers with greater rates of reputation. A few musers on this online social community have obtained excellent traction and massive following not just inside, but in many other social media platform such as Instagram too.

For example, 15-year-old teen, Ariel Martin who has over 20 million fans on by itself as of 2017, is certainly one of the best musers who has received major media interest via Therefore, she showed up on Good Morning America in 2016.

After finishing Dance Moms, an American television series, Maddie Ziegler and Mackenzie Ziegler started to be a famous musers.

Another muser worth to mention is Jacob Sartorius who advertised his 1st song "Sweatshirt" on, this song was one of the top 10 on Apple iTunes Store charts.

A lot of artists promote their newest singles on such as Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande etc. and all of them got excellent results at the end.

A number of other celebrities have registered the community, which includes Fetty Wap, Shaquille O'Neal, Paris Hilton, Gnash and Adam Lambert. What are you waiting for, start to use now, find it on iOS or Play store.